Adam's Story

It is not too often that life events stop us in our tracks and forces us to really assess what we're doing, what's important, and sometimes even our main purpose in life. There is not much that separate us from each other. Not much that is different in the core of all people. We are all human, social, and giving people. We work together, we play together, we love our families, we share our joys, and we struggle through our sorrows.

I had to make a big decision and I knew what was right. I knew in our society my decision might not be the most popular idea but, I also knew that a real need was not being met. Life quality and even life itself was being sacrificed. The death of my sister in 2011 was that type of a life changing event. I knew I had to try.

There was an answer out there that was being berated, shelved, or just ignored. The quality of life greatly improves with proper pain management. The pharmaceutical options are all over, sometimes they help sometimes it's a struggle. I knew that something considered mostly recreational could also bring incredible pain relief and pain management options. For some it can be the best answer even the only option. I knew of the taboos, the unpopular solution, and all the misinformation. But with the illness and suffering of my sister I really wanted to help.

In about 2004 my sister became ill and started an 11 year struggle of suffering from chronic pain. She went through the common phase of pain and before long the opiates where at an incredibly high dosage. Then the opiates lost their effectiveness. Opiate addiction is unfortunately too common with those suffering from chronic pain. Medical marijuana was scarcely available at that time but we knew of its benefits. It was a tough sell for my sister to try marijuana especially with opiate issues. The fact that it was impossible to find a legal supply stopped our efforts. Shortly after this my sister passed away.

The death of my sister strengthened my desire to help those in chronic pain. I really wanted to come up with a solutions for others, in a similar situation to hers, so they would not have to suffer as she did. When Washington state made it legal for recreational stores, I became very active in the process and started my journey to obtain a license for a retail store. As we hire, train, and serve, our entire staff knows the importance of informed access to marijuana. For our clients today, we are working from a solid and heart felt motivation to do our best for those we serve. As will be obvious when you come visit us, we are not your average store. Whether recreational or pain issues, we want to provide only high quality and purpose appropriate products. Our goal is to treat each client as family, we instill this with all of our staff. My sister could have benefited from what we do. We want to make sure you benefit.